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Multi-User Business Email 25+ (25

A robust email solution with expanded capacity to support more users and greater demands.

  • 25 Business Email addresses/mailboxes based on your domain name
  • 250GB of storage for messages
  • Ability to add more mailboxes as needed
  • Easy to use webmail interface
  • Shared contacts
  • Administrative controls
  • Anti-spam and virus protection
  • Experienced Customer Support available
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Starting at
$299.90 /yr.

  • IMAP lets you easily view, access and manage your email (including images and attachments) from any web-connected PC and most mobile devices.
  • POP3 allows you to download your email to your desktop using your favorite email software, such as Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Mac OSX Mail.
  • Administrative Controls give you the ability to set-up mailboxes and permissions for each user.
  • Shared Contacts let your entire team share critical information.
  • Email Forwarding allows you to easily forward your emails to other email accounts (such as Yahoo or Hotmail).
  • Anti-Spam Filters block unwanted spam from cluttering your mailbox.
  • Anti-Virus Protection helps detect and block viruses sent through email.
  • 50MB Attachment size gives you the ability to send large files such as presentations, videos and graphics.
  • Easily add more users whenever you need to.
  • All mailboxes in Business 25+ offer optional services from our partners. They do not display banner advertising.
  • Everyone in your organization can have a unique email account and username based on your domain name.
  • Create email addresses for special events and short-term uses (i.e.
  • Add more mailboxes as needed.
  • Easily coordinate meetings and appointments with your staff.
  • Send and receive email messages from any computer with Internet access.
  • Send and receive large attachments that are critical to your business.

*Please note that all email mailboxes for a given domain must be the same type. Features listed apply to new domains only. Features will be consistent with existing email services with purchases to existing domains and email accounts. To check what type of email account you currently have, please login to your Account Manager

Make Your Business Appear Professional And Coordinated

Get multiple email addresses to cover you, your employees and special uses for your business (i.e.,